Ever stopped to question why one of your girlfriends or even you, at some point, seem to always go after the wrong type of dudes?

It’s okay. Most of us don’t want to admit it. But this can’t mean it’s not true, on some level. So, what’s up with girls falling for the insensitive jerks? Let’s see..

Have you ever noticed how women, when asked about their dream partner, say they want all those nice characteristics but in reality they settle for less?

Here’s the thing. In reality, most girls always want the “chase” or the challenge that comes with bad boys. And by bad boys, we don’t necessarily mean a guy who drinks and smokes around the clock!

No, these men are bad in terms of personal traits. They are usually emotionally unavailable, insensitive, unkind and more often than not SELFISH.

And against the stereotypes and cliches, smart women do fall for that trap too. So why does that happen exactly?

You see, those men are manipulative. At first, what girls see is how they are good looking, attractive, funny and have a generally winning personality.

And when you feel that this guy is slightly interested in you, you can’t help but feel special and you’re instantly hooked!

Your infatuation and all your fantasies about “the one” make it hard for you to see all the warning signs. And usually when you do, it’s already too late.

Without getting into the deeper justifications of why you could be one of those girls, be that your upbringing as a child, your lack of experience or the way you value yourself; let’s see how you could break the toxic cycle..

Write down all the traits you hated in your previous partners. Nothing is too small. Write everything down. Probably, when you’re done, you’ll notice a certain pattern. Guess what? next time, go for the opposite.

Learn to detect the signs early. When we’re looking for love, it’s hard to give attention to the small details that could ruin this ideal dream. There is no way around it. You need to be mindful of the signs once they start to surface or ask for someone’s help.

Leave at the first bell ringing. You’d be surprised at the lengths we go to in order to ignore the bad signs. No one wants to let go of love once they find it. So, this will take you a lot of strength but once you’re sure, you need to leave.

A final piece of advice, put yourself first. In any relationship, look into what you want from a man. Not what a man wants from you. Don’t lose yourself in the process. This is not healthy!