Dating Old Men

If you’ve lived anywhere with a viable internet connection, you may have seen and heard people talking about how hard dating is getting. From a scarce pool of limited options to the many forms of ghosting to the fact that a lot of women are now more or less into much older men.

That last tidbit, by the way, is being scrutinized by many as something odd at best and creepy and concerning at worst.

And because of burgeoning curiosity, we’ve decided to dive into the actual reasons some women fancy older men. Buckle up, it’s a ride.

Older men come free of drama

Many of the complaints women have about men their own age is that they’re kind of incredibly dramatic and are always ready to go cold over the slightest thing.

Older men, on the other hand, have been through their dramatic stages and have matured, so they aren’t likely to fall within the same category.

The “silver fox” stereotype certainly helps them

Growing with images of George Clooney (the epitome of a Silver Fox), a lot of women have naturally come to find them even more attractive than men their age.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why Hesham Selim gets all this romantic attention in movies and TV shows, now it makes sense.

Some people are just looking for sugar daddies, so…

Okay, we’re not going to pretend this isn’t the case some percentage of the time. Some people aren’t really looking for relationships as much as they are looking for certain arrangements.

Yes, though we don’t want to get in on this right now, this also happens in Egypt. We’ve all seen the streets.

According to some therapists, some of the women who go for older men have paternal issues

A lot of you reading this might have immediately assumed the women who go for older men have, for lack of a better word, daddy issues. And this is where it gets tricky.

See, for a lot of women, dating older men is simply a matter of preference, though therapists have proved that sometimes this preference is a result of attachment and paternal issues.

And let’s make it clear, older men aren’t ruining your chances.