better partner

February is widely known as the month of love due to the very popular celebration of Valentine’s Day that takes place on February the 14th, but you might have not heard about its less popular cousin February the 15th which marks Single Awareness Day. Yes, in some places around the world they have a day to celebrate single people, as they do couples. You might be speculating as to why we should celebrate being single while couples post their happy photos on social media. Here’s why; because being single teaches you relationship lessons, no relationship can.


You might be skeptical but when we are in a relationship we are in the continuous process of giving, and we are so accustomed to the idea of company it becomes so difficult to take a step back, see the bigger picture, and take in the lessons we need to learn. If you did learn anything from a previous relationship, you’ve probably done it after letting go, looking back, and realizing what you ought to have seen and done previously.

Yes, being single is a chance to better ourselves to become and choose better partners in life.


You Learn to Take Charge of Your Happiness

People in relationships often assume or expect their partner to meet their needs or take the initiative to introduce happiness into their lives. In fact, many relationships suffer from problems and stress due to misplaced expectations. People who are single have more time to realize what makes them happy, and take action to achieve that happiness. They learn not to wait for others to hand them a smile. In a relationship where both partners are more self-aware of what makes them happy, it’s far easier for them to take the initiative to add spark to the relationship, they’ve done it before.


You Have Richer Friendships

After getting together, couples tend to withdraw away from friendships, especially women in our society. Turns out there’s actually a psychological term for it—dyadic withdrawal, says Gwendolyn Seidman, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at Alright College in Pennsylvania. When one gets into a relationship very early in life, it’s easy to assume that “the one” is enough. However, those who hold out longer learn that having a group of people they care about and who care about them can be profoundly important, providing potential layers of support. Hence, in relationships those who’ve been single for long are more understanding and less controlling when it comes to friendships, and are more likely to get along well with your partner’s friends and family.


You’re More Resilient

The single one has made it through all the awkward situations and humiliations due to their single status. They’ve not confined to society norms or settled for less than what they deserve. They have what it takes to stand through the storm all alone. Come what may they are a strong person, hence a strong partner, anyone would be lucky to have them by their side when the rough gets going.


So enjoy being single and reaping the benefits; it’s all part of the plan of becoming your best self.