By Eman Osman
Most people prefer dogs to cats, seeing that cats are either too boring or too moody. Both can be true sometimes but what those people don’t know, is that cats have a very strong personality and can be very opinionated. But that’s the thing that makes them so special.
Here are a few more things to love about cats….

1- Cats Ruled Ancient Egypt

“Egyptians believed cats were magical creatures, capable of bringing good luck to the people who housed them.” – National Geographic

Now, that’s respect!

תמונה חדשה-1336291317

2- They still rule the streets of Egypt

You can find cats literally everywhere in Egypt. Every building, street and sporting club has that one person who feeds all the cats.

You’d think they’re just a bunch of strays but really they’re slowly taking over the world. I’d be nice to them if you wanna survive the cat-apocalypse…


3- Blessing in disguise 

Sometimes cats do this thing, where they start licking you and then bite. Let me explain:

It’s their way of grooming! They first start licking their fur, then bite to ensure that the fur doesn’t mat, removing residual dirt, bugs or whatever else that might be there.

They’re just trying to clean you. Not that they’re implying that you’re dirty, but you can always double-check!


4- Priorities 

They know their worth and they want you to know that too. They want your full-time job to be them!

If that’s not smart then I don’t know what is.


5- They love to share

They don’t want you to spend your money on special toys, beds or foods so they don’t ruin your stuff, hell no. They want to sleep wherever you’re sleeping, eat whatever you’re eating and break anything that distracts you from petting them.

I must say, they’re very generous.


6- They make sure you’re never alone 

Whatever you’re doing, they’ll do it with you. Whether you’re trying to do paperwork or shower, they will be there for you.



At the end of the day, cats are only trying to show you their love. So no matter what crazy annoying thing they do, you can’t help but love them back.