Okay, first things first. Let’s all agree that baby animals are way cuter than baby humans. It’s just a true fact. Baby humans can get annoying with all their screaming, crying and shouting. Whereas baby animals don’t really do anything that can get on your nerves, except maybe pee and poop in random places, but other than that they’re the best.

1- Puppies and Kittens 

pupppp kitteeeen

I place them in one category because most people just assume you’re either a dog person or a cat person. But honestly, when they’re babies, we’re all both.

2- Pandaspanda-gif

Pandas are everything we all aspire to be: chilled, laid back and care-free. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this little baby and try to become more like it.

3- Slothsbaby-sloth

Sloths are under appreciated to be honest. It’s true that all they do is sleep (which we all actually aspire to do as well), but no one gives them the attention they deserve. Look at that lazy head tilt.

4- Giraffes 


That baby giraffe attempting to take its first steps on this planet and looking all clumsy and goofy, speaks to me on a spiritual level.

5- Elephants elephants

And that cheeky little elephant running across the street reminds me of a lot of Egyptians, but about 100% cuter.

6- Koalas


Can’t we all have a little baby koala hanging on to us forever? Look at how confused it is!

7- Pigletspiglet

This country is a little too harsh towards pigs; people tend to call any dirty person a “pig”. But they don’t deserve it. Pigs don’t deserve to be associated with dirty humans. They’re amazing and just look at them when they’re babies!!!!

8- Monkeys

I was saving the best for last. I don’t think we’re even worthy of this little monkey.

If all of these furry little creatures didn’t melt your heart, I’m not sure what you’re made of. Here’s a Dory to help make your day even better.