Older Women

Since we’ve all been living in society for quite some time, we’ve noticed a couple of things. You know, like how people are overly attached to Titanic and Princess Diana. And how everyone loves to sneak fries off other people’s plates.

And how a lot of Egyptian men are actually rather into older women more than into women their own age.

You might have wondered why this is the case and, well, there are plenty of reasons. Maybe it’s the fact that older women have had certain portrayals in TV? Or the fact that Mommy Issues (Daddy Issues’ lesser-known cousin) is a thing?

the common idea of marriage on TV

Either way, we can’t really tell unless we ask. And so, we did just that. Read on up to know why Egyptian men actually love older women!

“They’re not here to play around. They’re actually adults!”

One man told us that the reason many men like older women is a bit obvious. “You’re dealing with adults, grown-up people.”

“Usually, she’s more mature than not,” he added. “It’s better than dealing with all those younger women who are still exploring the world, you know.”

“They have their values in check, actually.”

Man No. 2 we’ve asked told us this, straight. “Sometimes, not always, older women are less demanding. They’re not as high maintenance in any case.”

That doesn’t mean older women had no standards, he hurriedly added. “It’s on the contrary — they have standards but they know what really matters; it makes you feel like you’re dating someone who gets it.”

“And they’re more than just moms and aunts,” he also says. “They’re women and there’s a spark, there’s a spark.”


“I mean, I have a lot I want to say,” the third man we’ve asked says, plainly hinting the obvious. “I just don’t think you’ll be able to publish it.”

He adds, one message and an emoji later. “Let’s just call it ‘romantic’ experience, then.”

“It has A LOT to do with wanting maternal comfort.”

The fourth man we ask offers this thinly-veiled tidbit. “Well, you know, many men suffer in the world. You know, just existing and working in the day-to-day.”

He adds, “so they just want someone to comfort them, to be there for them without conditions. Like their moms in a way. And the experience certainly helps.”

Well, sometimes age is only a number…you know, without creepy age-gaps.