You can always find what you are looking for: despite the flocks of hungry shoppers, you can absolutely be sure that the size/style/ colors you are looking for will be either available on the rack or in that lovely storage of theirs.

The only store where size 34 exists: H&M is the haven of skinny women as it is the almost the only international brand in Egypt were finding size 0 items is guaranteed. 

Having a basket at hand while shopping makes your life much easier and allow you to carry more items to the fitting room…how cool is that.

High street fashion: H&M is one of the main chains that rapidly reproduce immerging high street fades but at much smaller cost. 

There are many off the counter finds by the cashier that you never thought you needed…those mani-badi kits are simply the best.

And finally, H&M affordable prices make it the number one destination for a wide range of shoppers, those who appreciate fashion and the ones that spend carefully.

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