Ever crossed roads with that darling, amusing girl who is head over heels with a prick? Certainly you once did, as well, you must have wondered what the story behind that amour is. Well, there are various reasons why women get attracted to bad boys, and we’re here to unravel them today.

 There are a lot of samples of the bad boy version, but we’re here to talk about the bad boy in relationships. He is the guy who never takes into consideration the feelings, wishes, thoughts or goals of his partner. He takes her for granted, considers everything she does for him as an expectation rather than a favor, or act of love.

Reasons why a sensible lady may get attracted to the jerk:

Low self esteem

A lady who happens to have a poor self-image doesn’t see herself worthy of a good guy’s love. Women with this problem blame themselves for their partners mistakes; living a hideous supposedly “loving relationship”.

Bad childhood

When a girl grows up seeing her daddy having affairs, never giving neither his wife, nor children that kind of attention a loving father usually gives,  she grows up in the same cycle her loving mother went through! She sees this bad guy as the norm, and the nice guy as the ugly duckling.

The ambition to recover or save a mischievous man

Women by nature are tender, and loving, having that motherly nature since birth.It’s a challenge for them to reform an incorrigible man so they find themselves going for it unconsciously. Ego is involved as well. It’s exuberating when a woman feels like she is the only one who can transform a man.

                                                      The desire for adventure

Some women have been good girls all their lives finding the idea of a wild man truly intriguing.

Finally, never fall into any of these traps. Sorry to surprise you but  a guy won’t either change into the loving man you wish to see in him, nor will he ever help you to discover your full potential, so give him up before it’s too late.