Like many fellow Egyptians, I’m one of those who adversely believe in the myth that girls mature faster than boys, and therefore, a guy must marry a girl who’s a few years his junior. Well, here’s a surprise: That’s not entirely true. What is true though is that girls think differently from boys. Boys also have different priorities from girls and that is one of the reasons why some Egyptians guys find it difficult to understand Egyptian girls. How many times have you heard your friend complaining to you, ‘ana begad mish ader afhamha’, and you stood there not knowing what to do or say? Here is why:

Guys think they’re smarter than girls. ‘Ya man ana 7awart 3aleha w hiya mish wa5da balha’. Well, ‘ya man’ that is certainly not true. Egyptian girls are extremely smart. The amount of sh** they have to put up with in their daily lives in Egypt only makes them smarter and braver. She knows when you lie and she knows you think that she’s not that smart, and that is the irony. 2004

She may seem like she doesn’t know anything, but in fact, you’re too naïve to think that way. ‘El bent di habla’, well, I’m sorry dude. You seem to have missed so much; think twice before uttering such nonsense. She knows exactly what you want from her from day one. She decides how to run the relationship, and above all, she knows how to reach her goal with the least amount of effort.giphy

Guys don’t understand the signals girls give them. We can say that this has been the direct result of the amount of Western movies and TV shows that have recently bombarded us. “I’m cold” does not mean, “Do you want me to lower the AC fan?” It simply means give her your jacket or put your arms around her to keep her warm. Some other ambiguous-to guys signals include when to pull out of the relationship, when to start putting in some effort, when to take a step further and so on.2000

When girls ask for drama, guys should respond with an attitude that can absorb it all in. Guys should not respond with drama as well, because that just makes things worse. Girls like guys who know how to deal with every attitude they exhume; they expect a problem solver. If the guy creates a new problem while attempting to fix the original problem, here comes the problem. 200

If the girl is mad at you and you know the reason, make it up for her straight away. Don’t start playing games and or pretending that you don’t know the reason. However, if you really don’t, either keep asking until she tells you (even if that means asking 5683 times) or think about what you did in your entire life that could have possibly made her so cross with you.2009

A message to both parties: Never underestimate each other. Each of you is smart in their own way, and each of you is a mirror of their own thoughts. This is just a general overview, but you need to get into your partner’s shoes to understand him and understand why he or she will love you forever.