We all appreciate our best friends for everything, good or bad, they stand for. But there’s that special type of best friend who’s just second to none: The Foodie. This exceptional type is, by far, the best to hang around and here is why:

 1. Because they will never run out of conversation. They always have something interesting to talk about: a creative recipe, a new restaurant, or an entertaining food channel.



2. When you’re feeling down, you know they’ll show up at your door with the right choices of comfort foods.



3. When you decide to host a movie night, they’re always the best companions because they’re not actually focused on watching the movie but rather on the munchies that make it all worth while .You order a couple of large pizzas, popcorn, chips and ice cream to satisfy your guest and make the evening a huge success.



4. Whenever you feel bored and want to hangout, they always know of new outlets to go chill out and indulge.

emma-stone-gifs-eating-cutie-cupcake0406 (1)


5. It’s never boring to eat together because they love trying out different cuisines. You can trust them with your life that you’ll be having the meal of your life.



6. And when you’re short of cash, you can stay home and they’ll cook for you. Hanging out with them in the comfort of your own kitchen is always a fun experience.


7. The food channels suddenly become very interesting to watch.



8. You can always enjoy feeling down in their home because they are never short of your favourite chocolate and candy.



9. Last but not least, their houses are the best place for sleepovers because it is very normal to order food at 3 am.

No matter what, you can never have a dull moment around your ‘eater’ friend. But be careful, the midnight burgers will not be easily burned.