I’ve been called a bitch more often than I could possibly remember. If you refer to the actual definition of the word, a bossy and blunt woman, I am definitely, in all languages, a major bitch. But since when is being a strong woman a flaw?

1- I Know What I Want

And I’m not afraid to ask for it. I like things done my way, and sometimes that can come across as a little bossy AKA “bitchy”. But it’s just who I am. Why waste time when I know I’ll do something right the first time?!! Surely, I have my own share of mistakes, but I own up to them because I know they are my mistakes and I can learn from them and fix them.


2- I Lack “Normal” Emotions

Being cold can definitely come across as being a frigid bitch, and it’s definitely gotten me into trouble in most of my relationships. But it’s not entirely my fault. I’ve gotten hurt a lot in life. I also say whatever comes to mind at that exact moment, mostly without thinking. It’s hard to remember that other people have “normal” emotions.


3- I’m Super Intense

I throw myself into whatever I’m doing; whether it’s a work project or planning a friend’s party. I’m intense because I care, and I don’t like to mess up.


4- I’m Sarcastic

This is where I tend to get the most accusations of being a bitch, probably because I tend to refer to myself as one. It’s a defensive mechanism; everyone should be able to laugh at themselves, and I will be the first person to give someone a reason to. Sarcasm is my way of being blunt without being too rude!!


5- I’m Blunt

I’m always good to let someone know when they have food stuck between their teeth, messed up makeup or a bad outfit. I’ve never been the one to hold back the obvious truth. I’m going to tell you exactly what I mean every time, even if some feelings get hurt along the way. I usually try to use my words in the nicest way I can, but sometimes it’s just not possible to kindly tell someone I simply don’t like them.


6- I’m Competitive

I want to be the best in EVERYTHING and I don’t care if we are “BFFs”. When it comes to that new promotion, I’m going to do everything I can to get it. However, don’t confuse that with the idea that I will stab you in the back,; I don’t fight dirty. If I’m going to get that job, it’s because I’m the better candidate, and I will make sure you know it.


Maybe it’s my resting bitch face, or just my bold personality, but I guess it can be a little intimidating. I like to think I’m a decent person who just happens to be more aggressive than most people. But guess what? Every time you call me a bitch, I’ll laugh it off because IDGAF what you think.