intelligent people

Being intelligent could be extremely toxic and harmful sometimes. Intelligent people often get too carried away that they forget to take a deep look inside what’s really bothering them or making them unhappy. Cut yourself some slack! Here are some things that affect your happiness, if not your overall health. Proceed with reading.

1. Overthinking

Analysing everything all the time! They overthink the tiniest of details. They’ll stop at nothing. Although they may not notice it, it’s very exhausting!

2. Expect the worst of case scenarios the entire time

They master expecting the worst! They believe that by expecting the worst, nothing worse could exceed their expectation! Even better, if nothing bad happens at all, then they have nothing to lose.

3. They’re always hard on themselves

They are so harsh on themselves and are always convinced that it’s always their fault! They’re constantly criticising themselves and don’t wait for someone to do it!

4. They underestimate themselves 

They lack confidence, doubt their talents and think they’re not good enough; although deep down they know what they’re capable of!

5. Perfectionists 

They’re perfectionists and it’s why they always take longer than normal in anything they do. They pay attention to very small details and keep on pushing themselves as well as others.

5. They’re very selective 

Their selections and high standards can end up isolating them. They never settle for less or for anything that they’re not convinced with.

6. They stress over anything and everything

Being all of the following, it must be stressful! They’re living in stress the entire time and might not even realize it. However, people around them can definitely see it a mile away.

7. They’re not that easy-going

They don’t like small talks. They’re more likely interested in deep conversations. Anything serious would do.

Does this remind you of someone? Although some of those reasons are very common, people should pay attention to them and not ignore them. Let’s start acknowledging and start acting!