By: Reem Hussein

This is to cherish our anti-social moments. To the moments when we feel like socializing is just too much. This is to reassure you that it’s okay to feel like this, at least for a while. I don’t know about you but I used to be a person who felt like I need to be on top of most social events. I used to think about how many outings I can fit into one weekend until I realized I have been constantly in the process of chasing something; which is something that really drained my energy. I started feeling happy whenever plans of going out get cancelled. Whenever someone asks me “what’s something new you’ve been up to?”, I became at a loss of words.

I lost interest in becoming a social butterfly. And the thing is that some people don’t understand this need. They take it personally or start telling you things like “why don’t you go out anymore?”, but here are some of the benefits of being alone for a while:

Clearer thinking

You’re no longer surrounded by so many people talking and clouding your own thoughts and opinions. You have more time to contemplate about your own interests.

A break from talking and small talk

Generating interesting topics is sometimes pressuring, let alone the strain of small talk.

More free time for yourself

Read that cooking recipe you’ve been wanting to know since forever, take a Pilates or a yoga class (pursue a hobby!) or just sit stare into nothingness. It’s your time. You’re free to do whatever you want to do with it.

You have time to free up your room space

Okay, this may seem trivial but it’s not. You add positive energy to your life when your belongings are in order and you don’t waste time looking for lost blouses or accessories. Your eyes will land on a tidier place which is something that will make you feel more relaxed.

You avoid the rumors and 7ewarat

You no longer become hooked to this useless loop of who said what.

You save up money

Instead of paying a lot of money on eating out or visiting super expensive places, you can save up for something more meaningful.

Peace of mind

You will no longer feel the need for competing with others or keeping up with someone’s stories or gossip that can really disrupt your peace of mind, which is something, I believe, is crucial in life.

No demanding/high maintenance people 

It seems like in every social group, there’s this one demanding person who expects you to call them every single day. It also seems like there’s something upsetting them 24/7; these people will suck out the energy in you and will make you feel like no matter what you do it’s never enough.

Avoid the pressure of dressing up

You don’t have to think of what you’re going to wear or feel the pressure of having to look elegant.

Low expectations

You avoid going the extra mile for people and in return you avoid having too much expectations for others.

So don’t feel bad next time you need a break from people because in return you invest in yourself. You can always be selectively social anyway which is a win-win situation. And remember you can pursue this temporarily; it doesn’t have to be a lifestyle.