Thinking about the summer ahead and not sure where to go? Worried about the costs of leaving Egypt? Get the experience of Europe (or even better) without worrying about the pound’s devaluation. In Morocco, food, flight and hotels are cheaper than any European country yet it’s right on the border of Spain. Take a one-week trip to explore everything Marrakech, Tangier, Casablanca and more have to offer.

#1 It’s cheaper than Europe 

Flights from Cairo to Morocco are cheaper than to any European capital city. Stay at one of Morocco’s traditional ‘Riads’, beautifully designed hotels that charge as little as 20 euros per night in Marrakech.

Delicious 3 course meals cost as little as 5 euros at highly rated restaurants. Tajines, Couscous and Moroccan Green Tea shouldn’t be missed.


#2 Outdoor activities with amazing views

Going from one city to another is so much easier when the views are stunning! Forget about European train and flight costs! Rent a car and driver for 10 euros a week to journey through miles of greenery in the Moroccan countryside. Take the scenic route; explore fields, forests, mountains and waterfalls. From Tangier to Casablanca you will pass between mountains with lakes that look just like Switzerland; you wouldn’t believe a desert exists in the same continent!






Marrakech Kayaking – 80 Euros half-day. More activities for less than 70 Euros.

#3 The Beaches 

Another perk is Morocco has beaches on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Even better – you can easily visit both since they’re less than 1 hour apart. The beaches are amazing! There’s no need to daydream about the beaches of southern Spain or France. Morocco has some of the best beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and they are ALL public beaches – so no fee to enter. Seaside cities such as Tangier and Casablanca should be on your list!

Hotel El Minzah, Tangier – 150 USD.  Surfing and Camel Riding – 40 Euros.

#4 The weather is perfect

The sunshine mixed with cool summer breeze makes you forget about the unbearable Egyptian heat. You’ll want to promenade the boulevards, chill by the sea or sip tea with an ocean view in the many seaside cafes. The cities and roads are very clean and the hospitality at cafes and restaurants is second to none!

Café Paris, Tangier – 5 Euros Lunch/ Venezia Ice Beachfront Restaurant & Café, Casablanca – Average Lunch 9 Euros

#5 The architecture is incredible 

Everywhere you go in Morocco you’ll find beautifully decorated doors, courtyards and mosques. There’s no need to pay museum fees like in Europe. Check out the famous free Koutoubia and Hassan II Mosques, Jmaa El Fenaa Square and Bahia Palace. Walk around the vibrant souks at Medina Marrakech. Everything you buy is affordable, but prioritize purchasing Argan Oil and Moroccan leather shoes and bags.


Beautiful art surrounds you – so don’t forget your cameras. The best way to discover the city is by walking, which is easy to do and makes paying for taxis unnecessary.

Morocco’s your chance to explore a mix of Islamic, Spanish, and French cultures all at once with a fraction of Europe’s costs. Give it a go!