By: Kenzie Ali
Say you discovered a new series, a series that is everything you enjoy and it’s right up your alley…except no one you know is really into it. You think you’re alone, right? Wrong! Enter: online friends.

Here are the top reasons why online friends are the absolute best!

1- No Judgement!

Do you ever shy away from a conversation or mentioning your favorite show because of other people’s beliefs and that forges distance between you and others? Not a problem with online friends because they’re just as willing to open up about it as you are!



2- Same interests!ย 

Tons and tons of things to talk about! Once the conversation gets going, there’s no stopping it really. New topics and ideas emerge from bouncing off each other through the excitement. There’s this new website called Rabbit that enables a group of people to watch the same stream at the same time, so in other words, marathons!



3- You time!

It’s all about you. It’s about what you enjoy and your thoughts and opinions, those moments of doing everything you can to satisfy others disappear.

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4- No awkwardness!

The pressure of actually walking up to someone to start a conversation about their Star Wars shirt can be kind of nerve-wrecking. And how on earth am I supposed to tell them I like their shirt without looking like a stalker? That’s not a problem online. Relate to something they posted? Reply away! The barrier isn’t there.


5- No food thieves!ย 

We’ve all dealt with friends barging into our kitchen and finishing our favorite cereal or the Nutella. With online friends, you get to keep your food to yourself! You “send” them a piece of whatever it is you’re eating, but that’s just to make them feel at home.

food thieves


6- Low maintenance!ย 

Just woke up? All good! No need to get up and get dressed. No need for make-up, ladies. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the company. Kick off the pajamaย party!


7- Freedom!

Talk to whoever you want whenever you want. No pressure to pretendย you’re having fun around someone.

Overall, online friends are a gift. They’re caring and interesting individuals. Trust me, I’d know.