Our Generation

It’s very common nowadays to hear about and even witness unexpected breakups. After a long love story people end relationships, engagements or even marriages. Marriage that was once a sacred haven has become something that is easily given up on. Here are some reasons behind this phenomenon:

  • Life Has Become Easier Being Single

Or to be more clear about it, life has become harder being in a relationship. It now costs a fortune to get married in Egypt. Ethics and values on the other hand have loosened; what was once considered wrong has become acceptable. Behaviours that were once frowned upon, like infidelity for instance, are now even considered cool. Let alone, the responsibilities and compromises.

  • Comparison and Comparison

In the past, options were limited; one didn’t have that much exposure like nowadays. People didn’t use to compare their lives and their relationships to others. Now blind comparison is at the core of everyone’s life. People need to stick to their own lives and appreciate them.

  • They Don’t Fight for Anything

We grew up in a fast-paced world. Everything happens at the click of a button, so we now run out of patience so easily and give up so damn quickly. We don’t have patience anymore to work on anything.

  • Negative Talk and Influence

Most of our generation vents out about how marriage sucks. Relationships are now perceived negatively, when they should be the comfort zone that you run to when you’re feeling down.

  • Social Media

That double-edge weapon is a HUGE reason for giving up easily. It should come with a warning that says “Be careful while using.” You keep comparing girls or guys that are not even real (photo-shopped and edited) to your partners. Social media also made betrayal easier; everyone has excess to anyone they want whenever they want. And again comparing your life to other people in your circle (or not) and only see the happy side.

Please try to hold on to the one you love; don’t give up easily. Don’t get fooled by how other people’s lives look like, because things are almost never what they seem. At the end of the day, nothing comes easy. It takes compromise, selflessness and compassion to make any relationship work.