We love our guy best friends and could never for a second imagine our lives without them, even though their behaviour and mindset often shakes our trust in the opposite sex. Here’s how our guy best friends can be the reason we don’t trust other guys:


  1. How they perceive girls

They can actually admire her academic or professional success and look up to her but, to them, she will always be a sex object. Always!!




  1. How they talk about girls

They’re pretty sure that most girls are an easy catch and that every girl has that little slut inside who is screaming to come out; and may God bless them, they hold responsibility for helping that little slut.




  1. Playboys

Having a playboy best friend is not a big deal; it is only alarming when you realize how every single male is somehow also a playboy. Sometimes you think to yourself “I have heard that pick up line before!!”


  1. The game

Every playboy has his own “game”; a game of ‘getting’ the girl because the chase is just too entertaining. Once he gets bored, he moves on to the next prey. And they will do whatever it takes to NEVER lose.

  1. The rough sex

In every guy, there is a little Christian Grey inside. Need I say more?



  1. The marriage theory

The majority of us may think marriage is a little overrated, but most guys will just get married for the sake of having kids. They get a quickie divorce afterwards because, hey, they can get the best of both worlds.


Despite all those reasons, having this kind of playboy best friend is a good thing because they will always make sure you don’t end up with the wrong guy.