No matter how we all got el shebsheb 3ala demaghna at days or got grounded by our fathers on certain weekends, there were days when we admit to have been the worst version of a human being and our parents were the ones to suffer! Day after day, our parents are always there to accept us and take us in when we need it the most. We basically give them a bad attitude, ask them for a continuous supply of cash and they still give us the warmest hugs and deepest talks! 

Here are 6 reasons why el 7aga wel 7ag are your person!

1. They’ve seen you at your worst, and still forgive you!

Ever since you were a nagging child until you grew into a hormonal teenager, they’ve loved you all the same! They’ve tolerated your bad attitude and inexplicable mood swings because they literally know you more than you know yourself and will always love you that much!

2.They were there for you when everyone wasn’t!

Remember that time when your friends decided to play 2andal, or when the love of your life ditched you? Your parents did not ask you to show up to that same day family gathering and even took you for ice cream the next day! We know it all!

3. They share your same mindset in a way or another!

The genetic factor is bigger than you would expect! You probably have grown to the values of your parents and have seen how they react in multiple situations. This has had the hugest effect on your own mindset, starting from your body language to the way you even talk about something you love!

4. They are our sound of reason during challenging times!

Remember that time you wanted to quit your boring job and maybe start something on your own, then your parents told you a hint of the past about how a friend of theirs who did the same and basically regretted his move and suffered later on! We’re pretty sure our parents are always lying unless this friend is a common one in each and every parent’s life! Either way, their stories always get to us and help us think more realistically!

5. Nothing compares to a mother’s hug or a father’s punch no matter what!

Even if you have that special someone in your life, the comfort and love felt in a mother’s hug is beyond explanation. Your father’s jokes and punches no matter how tough they get, will always be a symbol of warmth and home!

6. They’ll be happy and all smiles when you are!

When your happiness is reflected in theirs starting from those tears of graduation to that mabrouk on el e3fa day, that’s what you call unconditional love my friend! Your parents will basically die to make your dreams come true, and just paying that back by being friends with them is the least we can do!


Bottom line, your parents will always be there for you so loosen up with the attitude if you’ve got one and make sure you have time to take them out every now and then. You can even tell them about your crush and listen to what they have to say, you’ll be surprised.