second love

People always talk about the very first love, but no one explains how the second love is 100 times better than the first love. Instead, people keep on whining about how their first love left a huge scar.

Even if you had your heart broken and feel like no love can ever compare, know that these are just feelings out of hurt. Because, believe it or not, the second love can kick the first love in the a** and here is why.

#1: Your Faith in Love Gets Revived

Falling in love again defies all your expectations, because you always thought that you would never feel this way ever again. Being able to love another human being makes you feel great about yourself and about life.

#2: Your Faith in Humanity Gets Revived Too

If you had one of those terrible breakups, you would know how this feels. Because right after a breakup, you just lose faith in humanity because of that sh*tty person you were with; who either cheated on you, took you for granted or even worse than this. Meeting this imperfect person who feels perfect is what you needed at this point.

#3: You Are Not as Crazy as You Used To Be

Experience plays a role in this part. You now know how to deal with anger, sadness and even pain. You are not an immature person with zero experience anymore. No! You are smart enough not to repeat the same mistakes.

#4: You Know What You Want in a Person

After your failed attempt at love, you know that it shouldn’t be based on insignificant random things. You now know that you shouldn’t be with him because of his cute smile, or be with her because of that smoking hot body. You know the kind of person you want to be with and what you can never compromise.

#5: You Have Already Seen the Worst

What is the worst thing that would ever happen? Has your heart broken? Well, you’ve already been there and you got over it, so your fear of this is kind of minimal. Which brings us back to the point of you being able to handle your emotions without acting crazy and without having that fear of abandonment.

#6: You Won’t Ever Settle for Less than What You Deserve

This time you want to do it right, you want to be with the right person in the right kind of relationship. You know your own worth, and you know how hard it is to be in a relationship that is not good for you.

#7: You Now Understand the True Meaning of Love

You understand that there is a huge difference between truly loving someone for the right reasons and just wanting to be in love with any kind of person. You understand the depth of the word ‘Love’.

#8: You Are A Better You, Which Means Better Love

After your first breakup, you probably felt so bad about yourself that you started working on your downsides. So, if you consider yourself to be an overly dependent person, then I guess you now have developed into a more independent successful person. Being this better version of you helps in attracting better people.

#9: It Heals You Completely

Even if you think that you are 100% okay, there is this hidden part of you that is not okay. A second love will help in healing those parts of you. You’ll be whole again, because believe it or not, with love, care and attention, everything gets fixed.

#10: Less Arguments, More Fun

Because you have been exposed to lots of drama, you want a drama-free relationship. You want a relationship where you solve your conflicts without nearly killing one another. Conflicts don’t turn into arguments, which gives you a more stable healthy relationship.

Even if you haven’t met this person yet, you will do, because love always finds people no matter where they are and no matter who they are. Get ready and be the best version of you till Mr/Ms Perfect comes along.