Superhero movies and TV shows are all over our screens, and while we do love them, they have all somehow become one and the same thing. Additionally, Netflix decided to kill two of the top Marvel shows – The Puncher and Jessica Jones – they did, however, introduce our latest TV show obsession: The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy is a new TV show based on the comics under the same name. The show is not your typical superheroes/comics show. The main characters are awful people who are not actually “superheroes”, but more of anti-heroes. And while you might think a series like this would be focusing on the action, the ruling genre of the show is actually a black comedy show.

About the show:

The Umbrella Academy starts with 43 women who give birth even though they were not pregnant. Later a billionaire scientist travels to adopt/buy the babies born but is only able to adopt 7 of them.

The babies grow up to have superpowers, except for one of them. The scientist creates a superheroes team under the name The Umbrella Academy.

Through the years, the family becomes a dysfunctional family, and each one goes their separate way. Following their adoptive father’s death, they gather for his funeral. They later try to get along so they can stop the apocalypse.

If you have not watched the series yet, here are x reasons why you should start watching it now; all while being spoilers free.

The original comics are written by the King of our teenage years; Gerard Way

Gerard Way was the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance. It’s surprising that the feel of the whole show is as if you turned “The Black Parade” into a TV show.

The “emo” vibes, as well as the dark comedy influence of the band, are both translated perfectly to the show, as well as the characters.

The actors of the show are badass!

While usually Netflix shows cast new stars for their shows, The Umbrella Academy has a very strong set of cast!

From Academy Awards nominee Ellen Page to Misfits star Robert Sheehan (who plays a perfect character which we’ll get to later), to Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh, as well as R&B legend Mary J. Blige; the cast is very diverse, yet have the perfect on-screen chemistry which makes the show a 100 times better!

The characters are horrible people, but you can’t help but love them!

The characters of the show are all flawed, but they are either at peace with it, or are trying to be better.

No matter how horrible they are, it’s hard to hate them!

The Umbrella Academy, surprisingly, describes drug addiction in the best way possible

One of the main characters Klaus Hargreeves, also known as Number Four, suffers from drug addiction. You would think a show like this would briefly just mention his addiction. On the contrary; they go in depth with it in a way like no other.

They take you from the cause of his addiction to his emotions and thoughts with and without drugs, to trying to recover, and even how to deal with someone who suffers from addiction.

It’s also worth noting that the acting skills of Robert Sheehan, who plays the role of Klaus, are truly impeccable and make you sympathize with the character as if he is someone close to you, or even yourself.

The soundtrack is a very important element of the show

Knowing that Gerard Way is the writer of the comics, and is the executive producer, it is no surprise that music is an important element of the show.

Unlike other shows and movies that randomly add music in the middle of the events just so they can sell a kick-ass music album later (looking at you Suicide Squad), the music in this show is as important as the characters.

The soundtrack ranges from classics like Queen and The Doors to modern hits, and even My Chemical Romance throwbacks, and originals made by Gerard Way.

The season finale leaves you with a cliff hanger that actually makes sense

As a hater of cliff hangers myself, The Umbrella Academy ends with a cliff hanger that actually makes sense.

We don’t want to get into much details since we promised a spoiler-free review. It’s worth watching and worth waiting for the next season.


Overall the show is a breath of fresh air amidst all the superhero cliches. All we hope for is that Netflix doesn’t cancel it anytime soon!