Rumours, rumours, rumours. Every single day we wake up to one. Now we have this: Nestle was going to shut down its business in Egypt! Thank God it turned out to be just another silly rumour. Imagine all the products we would’ve missed; those we use on a daily basis without even thinking about it! Our life would have been incomplete. Talk about taking us back to the old ages…huh 🙂

Life can never be the same without:


It’s the best kind of mineral water out there; everyone pretty much agrees on that. And if you think that there are other brands of mineral water on the market, they had actually bought out Baraka water too.

nestle 600ml-npl


KitKat is my favourite that’s why I had to mention it but don’t get me started on the numerous kinds of Nestle chocolates that we so love and cherish.


3-Mega Ice Cream

Can you seriously imagine your life without Mega ice cream or Choco Pops?!

mega icecream


Mothers and grandmothers couldn’t live without it. Egyptian food would just be totally tasteless without these flavour- rish cubes.


5-Nescafe and Coffee Mate

Instead of ordering a cup of coffee, one just says I would like a cup of Nescafe. It has been synonymous of coffee in Egypt for so long now.


6-Fitness Cornflakes

At some point, all the diet freaks must have passed through the Nestle Fitness cereals phase. It’s kind of indispensable to some of us.



Children and grown-ups alike enjoy a cup of hot cocoa in front of a movie on a cold winter’s night. We all grew up drinking it.


8-Cerelac and Nido

For babies and sometimes their parents too –EHM-


9-Quality Street

Whenever you want to get a chocolate box for any occasion, you automatically buy Quality Street.

quality street