When it comes to love, the rules of attraction are a twisted mess. We’ve all been there before, attracting someone that we have completely no feelings for, while we fall head over heals for someone we can’t seem to catch. What can you possibly be doing differently that makes some people go crazy about you while others don’t even notice you are there?! Here’s the reasons why the people you are not interested in are super interested in you:

 1-You are yourself around them  

When you don’t have feelings for someone you act like yourself most of the time. You show your flaws and your strengths; you don’t get intimidated to show your individuality and uniqueness, and that’s what attracts someone. You open up to them and you don’t mind acting awkward or saying whatever comes to your mind. So, they get to see your every single tiny detail that makes you you, however, that isn’t the case when you like someone. You try acting “normal” and end up acting like someone you’re not so they don’t get to enjoy the real you. Sometimes you end up being awkward!


2-You don’t overthink around them

When you hang out with someone that you like, most of the time you get so nervous that you keep on thinking of every move you make and you end up giving the vibe that you’re trying too hard. Sometimes you’re too scared to make them feel that you like them, so you end up making them feel like you actually don’t care about them at all, or you go to the extreme of texting them or calling them every single minute. This is the opposite of when you don’t like someone. When you’re not self-conscious about every move you make, you don’t overthink and you are very natural.


3-You don’t let them take you for granted

You are more likely to stand up for yourself when you are not worried if someone will like you or not. But when you like someone you keep on compromising, you tend to accept things that you usually don’t accept and you let them get away with stuff that you don’t usually let anyone get away with. Not only that, but even worse you try finding excuses for the way they act. The problem is that they don’t get that you’re going this extra mile for them; they think that this is normal and they take it for granted. They sometimes even take it as weakness and they might even think that you’re desperate enough to let them walk all over you. So the next time you talk or date someone you like make sure that you don’t go out of your way for them!


4-You never think of yourself as “not good enough”

When you like someone too much you usually think of yourself as “not good enough.” You keep on increasing their value in your head and convincing yourself that they’re better than you. You might even sometimes bring yourself down by negative talk and believe that you’re not enough for them. When that happens you start acting this way because “you are what you think,” you start acting unattractively and they end up feeling that “you’re not enough.” This never happens with a person that you’re not attracted too. When you feel you have more worth, they feel you have more worth.


So, if you really want to get the person you like, you have to love yourself, love your life, and focus on what you are doing in life. The energy you transmit is what attracts the people in your life whether they are the right ones or the wrong ones, so you should make sure that you surround yourself with good energy. You shouldn’t, however, feel bad because you keep on attracting the wrong ones and not the right ones because every single person in our lives is an addition. They either come in our lives to stay or to teach us a lesson. The one thing you shouldn’t do is bring yourself down and be hard on yourself because that will turn into a vicious cycle. Love yourself enough to know your worth and soon everyone will.