Ask us any question about any topic and we’ll answer. Never expect us to say ‘I don’t know’ because it simply doesn’t happen, and if it does, that’s definitely not normal. Here are all the reasons why the word ‘Ma3rafsh’ doesn’t exist in our vocabulary:

1. Power to Lead

UnknownWe love to act like Saad Zaghloul, Emad Miteb, Roshdy Abaza and other heroic figures. Even if that literally means leading someone with false directions to somewhere you never even heard of, “ta3ala waraya”.


2. Shame On Me

imagesIt’s quite shameful not to know; it probably has to do with manhood. “How could I not know? Of course, I know who will die this season in Game of Thrones yabni.” That is why we’ll give you the most vague, made up, incoherent answer.

3. Brag About Our Contacts

فيلم التجربة الدنمركيةWe always know someone important somewhere; he’s either related or a friend. We will probably use his name as often as the times we brush our teeth! That’s how much we love to brag.

4. To Impress

imagesي‘Girl, go get yourself some dollars, heard it’s on the rise veryyyyy soon.’ By saying that, he has just impressed his crush, but probably friendzoned himself as well.

5. Passion to Help

465We love to help by any means, and I mean, any means. If they witness a big fight, the least they would do is watch. Funny part is, when anyone new to the scene asks what happened, they will make a freaking reason up and you know it.

6. Expressive Opportunity

25Give us a chance to express ourselves and we’ll overdo it and even abuse it! ‘Winta eh ra2yak fe mawdoo3 3a7das elmenya?’ ‘Ya basha….

Maybe we should take it easy before we respond, but if we did, it would just be out of character! 😀