Women are Always Fashionably Late

It is a known universal fact that women are always fashionably late. You’d assume that after living for years and decades, women would get used to the daily routine and do it a little bit faster, but the answer is still no!

Men, on the other hand, have everything handed easy to them. They only need a maximum of 15 minutes to ace their look. All they have to do to look good is shower, shave, put on some fresh clothes and wear perfume. But for a lady to look stunning, she requires much more time and effort.

So on this day, we are graciously letting you in on the secret behind women taking so long to get ready.


It is kind of astonishing how you guys take so little time to shower, but maybe because you don’t shampoo, condition and then shampoo back again. Ever wondered why us girls always smell that nice? It is because of those long showers.

Taking Good Care of Our Skin

Right after showering, every girls needs to spend about 10-15 minutes applying creams and skin treatments. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with naturally amazing skin, so using these beauty products is a must.

Choosing a Stunning Outfit

Some of us are smart enough to choose ahead their outfit for an upcoming event. But mostly it just depends on the weather, our mood and how good we feel about our bodies. Choosing an outfit that makes you look both fit and amazing requires a lot of trials and errors. It is almost impossible to just choose an outfit with only one trial. So unless you want to go out with a lady wearing a mismatched outfit, don’t complain.

Did I Mention Accessories?


An outfit is not complete without having the right amount of accessories to complement the style. We have to choose the right pair of shoes, a matching bag and the bling bling too! Not only that, but we also need to unpack and repack our bag EVERY single day!

Styling Our Hair

Whether it’s long or short, in order to keep a decent haircut for the day we need to wash it, blow dry it and then style it. There are tens of different styles, and it is a known fact that ladies are indecisive when it comes to their haircut. So it’s probably going to be put up, then down and then maybe back up again. Just kidding!



Putting makeup on takes forever, especially when you have a variety of expensive products that all seem right all the time. Even on those days when ladies seem so naturally beautiful, it’s probably the ‘no makeup’ makeup.