By Habiba El-Hadidi

We can all list a few foreign sitcoms off the top of our heads that were total hits since the day they were released. This is because viewers find a connection with the characters who often feel relatable in one way or another. The characters usually have struggles that resonate with the viewer.  

This, however, doesn’t seem to be the case for Egyptian sitcoms. We have not produced many sitcoms anyway, but out of the five we can recall, the majority have not had much success, and even the fairly successful ones were not hits.

We are going to discuss 5 Egyptians sitcoms and what exactly went wrong with each. So hang in there!

1- Tamer W Shaw2eya

Overall, we think this show was fairly successful. Still not something that resonated with a good portion of the Egyptian population. Here’s what was good about this show: the humor (sometimes), bringing up marriage issues in Egypt, and the actors that fit their roles well.

What didn’t make this show a hit is also the humor and the fact that not a single actor or actress in this show are Egyptian comedy favs. 

2- Shabab Online 

Needless to say, this show was a total mess. It was supposed to be the Egyptian version of Friends, but unlike the ageless global sensation, Shabab Online is not even a show anyone remembers.  

The reason is that it did not have the most important factor in a sitcom: intimacy. It was nothing the average Egyptian viewer would identify with. Also for a situational comedy, Shabab Online sure missed the comedy.

3- Ragel W 6 Setat

Fairly a success at the beginning, Ragel W 6 Setat was a sitcom about a family that sure seemed close to some Egyptians. The family issues and the day-to-day struggles presented on this show did include an element of Egyptian society and that was the factor that made it last a bit.

Why wasn’t it a hit though? Its bland jokes sure put off a lot of Egyptians. Not to mention the fact that it went on for way too long with no significant content presented. 

4- El Bab Fel Bab

Again, like Ragel W 6 Setat,  El Bab Fel Bab wasn’t all disastrous. It was a light watch but again nothing an average Egyptian would remember.

Why? Simply, because it wasn’t Egyptian enough.

5- Ahla Ayam

Even though Shabab Online lacked any of the factors that would make a good sitcom, Ahla Ayam definitely tops it in the lack of creativity.

An Egyptian remake of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, Ahla Ayam turned out to be something devoid of any artistic value. It took a completely American show and tried to Egyptianize it, making it turn out to be something not a single Egyptian would identify with.  

Martin Scorsese once said, “the most personal is the most creative.

What we think prevented all these sitcoms from becoming hits was the fact that they’re not relatable enough, in this particular case not Egyptian enough.  

Some would say that this genre might not really fit well within Egyptian dynamics. We definitely disagree. If we could take Macaroni and make Koshary, we definitely have enough room to experiment with sitcoms. It just has to become something of us.