Mohamed Ramadan

Even though Mohamed Ramadan is a great actor, whom lots of millennials love and take as a role model, he somehow manages to disappoint us every single year. Yes, his show is loved by many. Hence he gets paid as high as 45 million EGP for his Ramadan series. But he needs to know that with such fame comes a lot of responsibilities.

Every single year, Mohamed Ramadan uses indecent language; whether its offensive words, sexualizing women or 18+ jokes that cannot really go public.

This year, he did the same exact thing with Nesr el Se3eed, where he made a sexual joke about a woman. Yes, maybe his intentions were to only joke around and not harm anyone. But this one small joke can ruin lots of people’s lives. And here is a living proof out of many more.

Mohamed Ramadan and any other person who has a voice, tons of fans and presence on any media platform should learn to act more responsibly.

People copy you, take you as role models, want to be like you and learn from you. Of course, you should be able to live your life the way you want. But not when the cost is teaching people how to be vulgar, harassers, indecent and a lot more. Unfortunately, this is the price you have to pay for fame.

Whether we like it or not, people listen to you because they want to be you. So please try to set a good example for those who love you. Don’t encourage harassment by making those creative 18+ jokes. Don’t promote chaos by being violent when you have no right. And don’t advocate for indecency by choosing obscene words.

Always take into consideration that kids with different levels of education are always exposed to your series/movies/ads. Make the best out of that. Try to teach them something good, if not, then the least you could do is teach them nothing at all.