Ramez Galal

Ramez Galal never fails to amaze us every single Ramadan, but he now needs to stop, for good! Every single year he manages to come up with a totally new prank that is more devious and creative than the one before (Points for creativity). But this year he just reached the maximum limit of getting on people’s nerves.

Having a show that is fake is one thing and being a sexual harasser is another.

For those of you who haven’t watched the first episode of Ramez Taht El Sefr, let us brief you, but we still urge you to see this video for more clarification.

Not only was he impolite, savage and indecent, but his choice of words definitely display him as a sexual harasser.

The UN defines the term Sexual Harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive environment.” Ramez Galal explicitly verbally harassed Yasmine Sabry on his TV show and no one said anything about it.

Using this kind of terminology is not accepted. Because let’s agree that media is a platform that affects our way of thinking, educates lots of people whether young or old and opens our minds to certain ideologies. Someone like Ramez Galal, who has millions of people from all over the world watch his show, should be able to choose his words wisely.

Kids watch his show, grownups with minimal levels of education watch it too, and yes it might be funny but it is destructive on so many levels. Ramez Galal is an educated man that should respect women especially if his TV show is one that goes viral. The least that he could do is not be a bad example that encourages these types of insinuations.

Not to mention how fake his TV show might be.

#1: His role as Cuper is a total fake

The very poor makeup only confirms how this whole character is a fake. No way you would guess that this is the real Hector Cuper.

#2: The Cameras Were Too Close

At some points the cameras were too close to Yasmine Saby. This shows that there is a high possibility of her knowing about the whole prank.

#3: It is an Open Air Place, So How Come Cameras Were Placed So Professionally?

Cameras were spread all over the place and not only were they perfectly aligned, but it seemed more like they were running a photoshoot. Which might also indicate that Yasmine Sabry knew about the whole thing.

#4: Planes Might Have Been Used for Shooting

Some specialists implied how some of the footage was taken using a plane. So how come the guest knew nothing if they had a plane taking pictures of them during this whole time?

Of course, these are not facts. They are just assumptions made by specialists and regular audience on social media. One can’t know for sure if the show is fake or not. But regardless, Ramez should start respecting women more because this is how a true gentleman acts.