While social media usually gets a bad reputation for detaching people from reality, it proved time and time again that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Instagram has revealed new data showing how it is a key place for people to come and share their celebrations and acts of kindness during the holy month.

Last year there were over 15m feed posts about Ramadan between May 16th and June 14th 2018, the first and last days of Ramadan.

Charity in the Digital Age:

In countries that celebrate Ramadan, words associated with kindness and good deeds such as charity, donating and generosity increased significantly during the holy month in 2018.

In Egypt alone, posts containing the word ‘charity’ increased by 53% and those containing the word “donate” increased by a massive 349%.

Other countries in the Middle East also saw some significant rise in their content.

  • In UAE, posts containing the words “donate” or “donation” increased by 97%
  • In Kuwait posts containing the words “donate” or “donation” increased by 162%
  • In Saudi posts containing “donate” or “donation” increased by 35% and posts with the word “charity” increased by 21%

This year, building on this behavior, Instagram decided to launch its first-ever Ramadan Campaign – #MonthOfGood – calling on the global community to celebrate and share kindness on its platform.

An act of kindness can be something as simple as posting positive comments on friends’ or colleagues’ social media channels, to thanking friends and family for Iftar or Sohour or volunteering within your community and sharing it as an example to others to be kind and do good.

The campaign will, hopefully, raise the trend of giving back to the community. While some might be joining the trend for the wrong reasons, the results will still be worth it. Mostly due to the fact that users always engage in Ramadan with positive content.

In addition to this campaign by Instagram, Facebook has also been a great tool for donations, not just in Ramadan, but throughout the year as well.

It has become a regular “trend” to see viral posts about people in need who are looking for donations.

NGOs have been active on their social media platforms too, with several even creating purely digital campaigns for their causes.

Even a platform like Twitter is affected by Ramadan, with the majority (six out of 10) of their most trending hashtags related to Ramadan.

Whether we like to admit it or not, Ramadan lost its “Month of Giving” motto due to the fierce ad campaign wars and countless competing TV series. It’s refreshing to see the platform where no one would have expected to make an impact actually making an impact this month.

We guess millennials and their phones aren’t so bad after all, huh?