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Following this week’s heavy rain, Cairo is turning into one gigantic aqua park.
Tahrir Square, 2018
As the capital just got out of a nationwide shower, it would be a good idea to settle this argument once and for all…for 2018, at least. The Winter vs. Summer debate has been on for way too long.

We had a quick chat with some our friends and gathered a lot of different opinions. Here’s a summary from both campaigns:

Winter: Down with the Sun!

1- Tranquility

Winter is calmer and quieter. To be fair, I am an introvert; I tend to feel better in winter’s ambiance.

2- Body Heat

I just don’t feel cold. In Egypt, we have like what, a month and a half of real winter? Seriously, I can’t stand sleeves. My body just keeps heating up. Not to mention the usual AC argument every day in the office.

“Is the AC working?”

I just gave up and stopped shopping for winter clothes!

3- Sensitive Skin

I have light-sensitive skin. Imagine simply being outdoors makes your skin itchy and feeling like you are turning into a raisin. Nobody likes raisins!

“Even raisins don’t like raisins…”

4- Awesome Fashion

Winter fashion is awesome. Not only do winter clothes look cool, but they also hide the aftermath of binge-eating on weekends. I don’t feel guilty about my weight in winter.

Summer: Praise the Sun!

1- Low Cold Immunity

In winter, I keep getting the flu. I spend the entire winter with a runny nose and coughing because I have very weak immunity to cold.

2- Obviously, It’s Freezing!

“Toes? What toes?!”

I just can’t retain any heat. My face literally turns to blue due to the extreme cold that I can’t endure. If I am left unattended, I’ll turn into a human ice cream…

3- Winter Blues

Winter is just depressing, I go to work early in the morning and return home right before sunset. I only see the sun on weekends, this isn’t fair!

4- Eating Too Much

I can’t stop eating in winter! It’s like I’m cursed or something. I end up gaining a lot of weight just trying to survive winter and when summer comes, I regret not paying attention to my weight.


What about you? Which season do you prefer the most? Let us know in the comments.