With the never-ending fashion evolution, we witness new trends and things we’d die to try out. But as soon as we start wearing them, we sadly discover how uncomfortable they are, although they seemed quite the opposite. 

We listed some of these trends that you shouldn’t go for if you’re having a long day!

Mom Fit Jeans

True they seem so comfy! But once you sit down, you suddenly feel that the button of your pants is digging into your tummy causing some kersh to appear, or even worse that you can’t breathe!

Thin Flat Sandals 

Sandals are comfortable in general, but not these thin ones! You feel like there’s nothing separating your feet from the ground.

Strapless Stuff 

Yeah, it’s summer and those sound like a good idea when one doesn’t need too much clothes. The real struggle is, el top byetzahla2!


You sometimes need to breathe, you know…

Over-sized Shirts

Undoubtedly, these are relaxing…until you sit down, then it looks like a dog has been chewing it!

Dahab Pants 

Not sure if they’re Dahab or Aladdin’s pants but they’ll do good in the beginning, until you start having tasalokhat!

Glass Gloss

Glassy lips are the trendiest! But it feels like you’re wearing cooking butter!

Pencil Skirts

Perfect body shapers indeed! You just need to learn how to walk wearing it without stumbling!


So this is a serious call to all designers out there, you need to check the word “comfortable” in the dictionary!