By: Aya Mahmoud

If you’re a woman, then you know what it means to have a certain obsession about something even if we deny it. We always tend to give it other labels like overprotective, caring, huge love or start blaming other people for thinking it’s an obsession in the first place; but we’ll have to face the truth about most of us just can’t help but love something way too much.

Types of obsession lead us to reasons behind them and how can it start from something really simple. Here we go with some of them.

1. Hygiene

Hygiene can cause a huge problem to some girls; not their personal one but others’ too. They can never go out without their wipes to clean every seat and table, give out some wipes for their friends to clean themselves too and be ready for any sudden amount of dust.

I clean my shoes, hands and face once I reach my destination and ask the waiters to wash things twice before serving me anything. I always get into fights with my best friends to wash their hands right away after finishing food even if they’re clean.– N.I.

2. Shopping

Shopping can cause a problem too; not the typical kind of shopping but an unexpected one.

“I can’t resist buying pens and notebooks with all colors and shapes; they just look gorgeous and I never use them but keep them in a drawer.” – H.M.

3. Control-freakiness

Control-freak girls are always obsessed with looking for perfectionism in everything. They want every detail to be under their control and seek pleasure of changing things from the way it is. Every person had to deal with such a girl at least once in their life and find a way to either do what she wants or do what she wants.

“I forced all girls to wear flat shoes and all guys to dress casually in my engagement party and otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to attend.” – K.S.

4. Satisfying others

Satisfying other people can shape a part of some girls’ lives that reaches obsession level when they look for doing something to someone else that they haven’t thought of doing for themselves.

“Sometimes, I do things to make people feel good when I’m at my worst to see their joy.” – S.A.

5. Gossip

Which girl hasn’t gossiped before? The point is when it’s the only reason why they gather. Some girls can take it to a whole new level; they stalk, collect information and call their friends to update them about someone they don’t even know.

6. Being Demanding  

Girls can be obsessively demanding too. Have I gained weight? Do you still love me? Why didn’t you tell me I look pretty? Questions like these drive guys crazy. They are forced to keep up with our expectations in them either face our mood roller coasters that they can never know reasons behind them easily.

“My boy friend dumped me because I used to ask him to do me everything starting from opening my soda can till driving me everywhere.” – S.S.

Whether we admit it or not, but we do belong to at least one of the obsessions categories and let’s face it; it’s something that’s hard to change so deal with us the way we are because a girl can’t change a habit but can fake she did.