Saudi Arabian women are finally celebrating their long awaited appeal to be able to drive on their own. It is now legal for all women residing in the country to drive; Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban as of last night!

Women began hitting the roads of Saudi Arabia from 12 AM.

The lifting of the ban raises high hopes on other reforms that can help put an end to women’s dependence on men in the country.

There are many incidents that show how the country is on the path of glory; starting when women were given the right to vote and nominate themselves in elections in 2015, and ending with their right to drive in 2018.

Driving is definitely going to make many lives easier. It will help women embrace their individuality and celebrate their uniqueness.

The struggle is evident because many Saudi women have been trying their best to get their fellow counterparts to drive for years. Unfortunately, ladies such as Ms. Al-Hathloul are still in jail.

Ten women received the first ever female driver’s license on the 5th of June. June 24th, 2018 marks the day Saudi women will experience what it feels like to be behind the wheels. The entire world will stand as a witness.

Information taken from BBC, THE GUARDIAN, CNN, ABC.