We all know her, and we all want to be her; Fifi Abdou — the famous Egyptian belly dancer, actress, presenter and social media influencer at the moment. She’s a woman of all kinds of talents and full of surprises, and her presence this year was extremely vital to our Egyptian society. She made a whole dictionary this year that changed our Egyptian language as we know it. Here are some of the new words and phrases she invented that made it’s way to our society.

1) 5 mwahhhhhh..

She has a thing for kissing; she can’t stop sending kisses to all her fans not even once, but 5 times!

fifi abdou

2- Hawan you? (How are you?)

I can’t speak properly, I’m different I’m Fifi Abdou!

fifi abdou

3- Escoze me (Excuse me)

We told you she’s different.

 fifi abdou

4- 2eshtat folat 3asalat

This is how she says hello to her fans.

fifi abdou

5- Aywa ba2a w yala ba2a

She makes you feel comfortable with her and you can tell that she loves you.

fifi abdou

6- Last but not least, Ba7boko awi

Yes we love you even more Fofa….


Fifi, we love you!

fifi abdou