“Oh, if only we knew then what we know now” How many times have we said these words to ourselves, dreading the unknown, wondering what it feels like to have a glimpse of our future? But let’s face the truth, unless you have a time machine in your backyard, the future will remain as unknown as the new Game of Thrones season!

What do you do when you’re in an exam and unable to answer a question? You ask someone who knows, right? Life is nothing but an exam, so why not ask someone who has preceded you in this exam, who knows a little more extra? That’s cheating I know, but who said we can’t manipulate with the unknown and turn it in our favor? So let’s steal a march on life.

Here are some words of wisdom girls and women of all ages pass to each other, because we girls should stick together:


Dear seven year old, if he held your hand while going to the playground, that’s because he likes your toys not the new braid your mama did you. Sincerely, an eight year old.

Dear eight year old, that girl you hate at school, is always going to be there, so stop letting her needle you and pay her back in her own coin. Sincerely, a nine year old.

Dear nine year old, by a long chalk the first ten years in your life are the hardest. You will get use to life, you have my word. Sincerely, a ten year old.


Dear 16 year old, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t give a thought to those who tell you that you’re not beautiful because you are; they are just blind. Sincerely, a 17 year old.

Dear 17 year old, not everything that hits the runway must suit you. No, no and no. Sincerely, an 18 year old.

Dear 18 year old, a broken heart is not the end of the world; it’s just the beginning. Toughen up to grow thick skin; only then you will reach the other border, that’s a definite. Sincerely, a 19 year old.


Dear 22 year old, don’t get lost in the shuffle or feel beholden to the usual; that’s the time to make mistakes. Take a leap of faith and chase your dream; who knows where it will lead you. Sincerely, a 23 year old.

Dear 26 year old, don’t marry out of fear of being alone or due to societal barriers and don’t listen to those who says ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’. Always follow your heart; it knows the way. Sincerely, a 27 year old.

Dear 29 year old, if he wasn’t there at the time you needed him, he will folded like a cheap tent in the hardest time. Sincerely, a 30 year old. P.S Thirty is not that old!!


Dear 32 year old, we can get carried away by the fast tempo of life, but your nearest and dearest should be at the top of your priorities. Sincerely, a 33 year old.

Dear 36 year old, few years later your kids will be older and they will refuse to go out with you, because hey, they are big boys/girls now. Steal that time now while you still have the chance. Sincerely, a 37 year old.

Dear 38 year old, never stop dating your husband even if he tells you it’s stupid. Romantic gestures and tokens of appreciation are not lost on married couple. Sincerely, a 39 year old.


Dear 40 year old, love yourself, eat better , go to bed early and exercise more. It’s never too late to lead a healthy life and pamper yourself. You deserve it. Sincerely, a 41 year old.

Dear 49 year old, don’t stress so much. Life will keep on throwing you curveballs and you will lose your seat but you will be righted it again. Sincerely, a 50 year old.

Dear 58 year old, don’t take life too seriously or else you won’t come out of it alive. Sincerely, a 59 year old.

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Dear 67 year old, pray more. Sincerely, a 68 years old.

Dear 71 year old, forgive and forget the past, and let bygones be bygones. Sincerely, a 72 year old.

Dear 77 year old, enjoy and spend the money you had saved all of your life, otherwise your children will do it for you. Sincerely, a 78 year old.

Dear 80 year old, time flies whether you’re having fun or not. We were kids a couple of minutes ago, so don’t waste your life. Sincerely, an 81 year old.


Dear ladies of all ages, if you could achieve your aims simply by wishing for them, life would be very easy, but of course that isn’t the case. Still, who wants an easy life? It’s boring. Sincerely, a 96 year old.