So right now, whether you’re planning your a beach trip or just thinking about it, you’re probably a little panicked. See, there’s a chance that you, like everyone else on the planet, kind of thought summer was cancelled this year and adjusted yourself to that.

And now that summer is back on, along with all the beach trips and the swimsuits, you may be wondering if you’re in shape enough for the summer.

But what can you do now? Summer has started and you haven’t gotten ready so might as well let it go, right? Well, wrong, actually. Just follow these little tips and you’ll be healthily fit for the summer!

Put down a workout schedule AND do little daily exercises

Okay, so here’s the not-so-fun part. If you want to get more toned for the summer, you’ll need to work out. Yeah, we know, we know. No one wants to hear this but it has to happen. And you know what?

We’re not going to specify a certain workout since we’re pretty sure there are a lot of online fitness groups that are already doing this.

What we’re going to do, though, is tell you to up your intensity according to just how toned you want to get. Obviously, don’t overexert yourself but match your intensity to your goals.

And once you set your workout schedule, still make sure you’re doing one light exercise per day just to keep yourself on track.

Don’t limit your eating as long as it’s healthy

Under any circumstances, don’t stifle yourself as you eat. Just don’t do this and follow the fad of any literal fad diet you see, it’ll harm you for a long time.

And now that we’ve said that, let’s stress that what you need to do is to add healthy foods into your diet. That’s it. Just up your fiber and veggie intake and you’re in the clear.

Do yoga

One of the more fun things about getting yourself in shape is that you can choose to do so by doing something fun. Like yoga, for instance. Honestly, you should give it a try.

Not only will you be getting yourself toned (seriously toned too, don’t take it for granted), you’ll also be getting yourself in the perfect relaxation zone for the beach vibes.

Don’t forget your sleep

Sounds strange, we know, but honestly, sleep matters much more than you think it does. Aside from keeping yourself refreshed and, you know, not completely exhausted, sleeping will also help you lose weight.

Before you call it an early night, though, allow us to tell you that sleep won’t magically make you lose weight because that’s not how anything works.

The way it works is it gives you more energy and helps you fend off non-healthy cravings.

Don’t worry, you still have time and summer is all yours!