Catfishing Signs

No matter how you look at things, you can’t argue that technology didn’t improve dating. Instead of waiting for someone to get off the phone, you can simply call, text, or even video-chat from your own phone!

There are more pros, of course, but all of that doesn’t come without a few cons. Ever got flirty with someone only to discover the photo in their profile wasn’t theirs? That’s cat-fishing and we know how you can spot it a mile away.

Just mind these signs and you’ll be good to go, hopefully.

They make up a million excuses about sending back photos and they just don’t make sense.

If there’s ever a giant red flag flapping in the wind, it’s this one. See, this person probably has a profile picture already so you do know what they look like…so, why are they hesitant again?

We’ll tell you why. They ran out of images for that person on Google, but don’t worry, though, you can avoid this by doing a quick Google reverse image search to see if the photo belongs to this person or not.

Here’s another tell-tale sign: they’ll be a great story-teller but sadly, all their stories are contradictory.

A common misconception is that cat-fishers don’t like to talk much so as not to reveal too much information, but that’s false.

People tend to be uncomfortable by a lack of conversation and they know that, so they’ll talk and talk a lot. However, they’ll be forgetting all of the details they send you so that’ll mix their stories up.

Any way with which you can actually chat while seeing them or hearing their voice will be a red line.

And they’ll probably take it from an angle of “we’re such a conservative family” even though this person is kind of trying to pursue a fully-fledged relationship with you.

They’ll set up dates for you to meet up…only when they know you’re too busy to make it.

This one’s another common misconception. Cat-fishers will only use the sorry-can’t-we-meet-up-another-time excuse once or twice before switching the route so you don’t get suspicious.

The minute you mention being too busy or having commitments, they’ll suddenly be everywhere asking to meet up and go out. Free yourself during one of those bouts and suddenly the cat-fisher will not be feeling “too well”.

This is a tad mean, but if they’re too perfect, you gotta run. Trust us.

Nobody’s perfect and that’s perfectly in tune with human nature so if you meet someone online and they tick your every box and then some…yeah, that’s not exactly going your way.

Yes, we know the one-in-a-million might actually happen and you can stumble upon a person who’s that perfect but nine times out of ten, it’s just a faker creating the ultimate personality.

They’re kind of nonexistent online, but in a creepy way not a I’m-not-into-social-media way.

Before you get all defensive, it’s a proven science that if you’re starting things with someone online then you’re going to want to stalk their profiles.

If these profiles are nonexistent, though, or they come with way too generic content or they have little to no friends and followers…well, better be safe than sorry.

So, there you have it! Whenever you embark on a social media love story, please be sure to check out this article first.