Just like there are some amazing and creative commercials every year in Ramadan, there are also some horrible ones. Here are the commercials that didn’t quite make it this year.
1. Beit El Zakah

The infamous Dalal Abdel Aziz “ma3lesh” commercial that no one liked, and when we say no one, we really do mean NO ONE. Countless media posts were published about how the commercial was insensitive and inconsiderate of the poor family. Feedback was so negative it eventually had to be pulled off the air.

2. Vodafone

Vodafone’s commercials were not bad this year per se, but they were exceptionally boring. They just stopped being creative and now all they seem to do is hire a bunch of celebrities and come up with a jingle and call it a commercial. It’s getting old and the jingles are getting boring. Step up your game, Vodafone.

3. Universal

This commercial took a turn for the worst with that horrible jingle. We love Laila Elwy, she looks absolutely stunning, but when she starts to sing, just no. The lyrics were weird and she was out of tune. This commercial would’ve been way better if there was no jingle.

4. El Masryeen Steel

Everyone was going crazy over this commercial. For God’s sake, Ronaldo came all the way to Egypt to shoot this! And he’s speaking in Arabic? He loves us! Then all Egyptians’ dreams were shattered when it was revealed that his head was just CGI’d onto a random body. Not that it wasn’t pretty obvious because it was, but for the few who believed it, it must’ve been devastating.

5. President Cheese

We seriously don’t know what was going on here. Was this supposed to be funny or what because it was anything but. It’s hard to believe any effort was actually put into this and it looks like it was created in a hurry because they just didn’t bother to come up with a more creative version. And that applies to all of their commercials.