The festival’s red carpet witnesses the riskiest fashion choices for our Egyptian celebrities. Sadly, not everyone can be a winner. Just like we previously got you the best dressed, here, we’re going to bring you the major fails!

Rania Youssef

We’re sorry Rania, but some styles just won’t work for you. No matter how many times you try. But, we do like the fact she mocked her own dress on Twitter!

Yasmine Raees

We don’t know what’s worse. The overdone samurai bun or the glittery dress. The fabric is so last year and the cut is an awful match for her body type! Surely Yasmine, the Kim Kardashian vibe is not your thing.

Amina Khalil

For the second time, Amina Khali disappointed us. The weird colors and confusing patterns just made this look horrible and outdated!


We are seriously sad that the beautiful Youssra had to land in our worst dresses list. The dress was a big fail, especially for the added weight effect it gave her.

Mai Omar

A peacock look gone wrong? We thought the GIFF red carpet proved this look WRONG!

Jamila Awaad

Okay. Despite the fact that the fabric and finish looks a bit cheap, Jamila’s look wasn’t too horrible. But she definitely needs to experiment more with colors. We’ve seen a lot of silver on her, already!

Salma Abu Deif

We don’t really know what to make of Salma Abu Deif’s look. Don’t get us wrong, we are all for bold and edgy choices. But that dress was neither here nor there.

Heidy Karam

Like a tailed-leather dress isn’t bad enough, let’s throw in some studs too! Literally, everything with this dress is wrong!

Laila Elwy

We love laila Elwy. It goes without saying. yet we can’t help but criticize this one look. The color was nice, we’ll give her that. But everything else was off. Maybe it would’ve looked better without the belt?

Did we get this right? What do you think?