Dealing with a break-up is never an easy task, especially if it was a long term relationship. In the case up for discussion, it is a toxic, unhealthy relationship she has finally escaped. Drastic changes are coming her way. Here are 8 ways Egyptian girls transform after a heart-wrenching break-up:

1- Body Transformation

The most common transformation in the history of break-ups. She suddenly becomes athletic and loses all the weight she has gained duringย her toxification process.

2- Outgoing

She starts shinning and gaining her light once again. She goes back to her old life and becomes a social butterfly.

3- Calling up her Guy Friends

Her ex had the Si El Sayed syndrome and made her lose all her guy friends. Once the chains have been broken, she starts patching things up with most of them.

4- Hair Cut

An edgy hair cut would be sufficient to know she just broke-up. It’s one of the telltale signs.

5- Narcissistic Pictures

She bombards her social media platforms with pictures of her post break-up transformation and some deep quotes about the revelation she just endured.

6- Shift in Music Tasteย 

When all the break-up songs finally make sense to her, that’s all she will be playing in her car.

7- Psycho Unleashed

Or simply become a stalker! We all stalk our exes but with some girls, it really becomes obsessive. You can hear Mariah Carey’s ‘Obsessed’ playing in the background whenever you hear her knowing where he is at that exact moment.

8- Career Oriented

Even better, she starts focusing on her career and giving it her all. The best transformation yet. She starts excelling in ways no one who knew her ever thought she would be capable of.

What is your transformation after a break-up? Share with us in the comments section below