Movies are reflections of reality.They portray our everyday lives through characters we can relate to on so many levels. If you feel any kind of emotions during the movie, then the director and cast have done an exquisite job to get you to connect with their characters. Here’s a list of movies portraying different types of Egyptian women and their daily struggles in our society.

1- Asrar El Banat – أسرار البنات


One of the most controversial movies made yet. It discusses a rare case of premarital engagement of teenagers and how strict parents can create pathological liars and rebels. The movie shows how vital it is to be close to your children and talk to them about all aspects of life.

2- Bentein Min Masr – بنتين من مصر


It discusses the miserable lives of two Egyptian women dealing with corruption and injustice in the worst way possible, all whilst wanting to get married.

3- The Factory Girl – فتاة المصنع


One of the most shocking endings in the world, not a cliffhanger, but you have to notice every detail in the movie or simply just watch it over and over again.

4- Lel Regal Faqat – للرجال فقط


From the golden era, it’s categorised as a comedy for the funny portrayal of Souad Hosny and Nadia Lotfy as men, but what it does in fact is get the ugly truth out. Women still face the same discrimination that existed in the 1960s.

5- E7ky Ya Shahrazad – احكي يا شهرزاد


It features three Egyptian women from different social backgrounds; a journalist, bent el 7ara, and a ‘3anes’. The journalist narrates the abuse she has seen from her husband and takes it upon herself to set herself free and raise awareness. While the other two women’s stories are portrayed to us through their own eyes.

6- Youm Lel Setat – يوم للستات


It discusses a women’s only day at a new pool f 7eta sha3beya. The swimming pool gathers women from different social classes and different stories to be told.

Watch a movie a day, with a tissue box near by.