Relationships are no a piece of cake; we can all agree on that. Some don’t even survive the ‘getting to know each other’ phase; something about the other person may trigger a complete turn off. If you’re one of the lucky ones, things might develop and blossom into a relationship. Below are the phases most of us go through in a relationship:

1- Attraction

This is the root for any relationship to bloom. You have met the person at a very random time, and there was an instant connection between you two. This connection means everything, and without it nothing can ever grow.

2- Dating

Post the liking phase, you get to know one another on a deeper level. You aren’t together yet, but you do everything together; birthdays, engagements, working out…simply EVERYTHING. You have met each other’s friends probably family too by now, and you have been asked “Are you guys together yet?”, “Howa eih l nezam ma3 Y”, Howa ento tsa7beto wala eih” by everyone around you. That’s only normal. Ignore what everyone has to say and keep them guessing, because it’s all between you and your significant other at this point. This is the first toughest phase.

3- Honeymoon

Everything is crystal clear at this point. You have finally sat down to have the talk. You didn’t really decide when to have it; it just happens when the time is right. The world is nothing but rainbows and butterflies.

4- Rough Patch

Some pet peeves start to appear at this point. You discover new things about this person each day. Some insecurities will appear and you have the option whether to sail through, just give up and call it a day, or an end at this point. This is probably the second toughest phase you go through in a relationship. This is when you will actually know whether or not you want to be with that person.

5- Used to Each Other

You have survived the rough patch and made the decision to fully be with your significant other. You’re used to being around each other; it became like second nature to you.

6- Another Rough Patch

Problems will arise again, because it’s a never ending cycle. Getting to know your significant other is an ongoing process. If you think you know them like the back of your hand, you’re probably right but surprises still lie ahead since humans typically change on daily basis. The most important thing at this phase is changing together.

7- Happily Ever After

You have finally decided that this is the one for you. You’ve been through everything together and made it as one being. You are embarking on a new adventure together. Past this phase, you will still face more rough patches and difficulties. You’re getting to know them even more when you’re actually together day in day out.

Keep in mind that communication is the key to everything. Stay involved in each other’s lives, and it will be a smooth sailing from the very beginning.