Our love for troublemakers is deeply rooted since we grew up watching Ahmed Ramzy playing the hunky dude. Something has always been attractive about a troublemaker, and how we fell in love with Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You or The Joker says it all. Here are 7 reasons why Egyptian women are attracted to troublemakers:

1- Not Following the Norms

They don’t really abide to any rules or norms or even bare them into their consideration. This makes them stand out amongst the crowd.

2- Hoping for Heath Ledger

You’re hoping for the Heath Ledger in him to suddenly surface and make an outstanding gesture in front of everyone you know or don’t. It doesn’t really matter at this point.

3- Mystery 

Mystery loves company. There is a mystery behind him, and you want to know what it is. It gets you curious to know why he is like that. There’s always some kind of new adventure up his sleeve.

4- Forbidden Love

You’ve been warned by everyone around you not to go for him, but that makes everything a whole lot more exciting. You’re on a new type of adventure and emotional roller coaster.

5- Bouncing Back

Whatever it is that he’s been through, he manages to come out of it. Carrying some baggage, but he made it through. That strength makes you admire him even more.

6- Fixing Him

You enjoy puzzles and solving problems; you take on his curious case to change him for the better. You have this belief that if you come close enough to him, you will able to mend him.

7- Always HOT

This is sadly true. There is never a troublemaker that isn’t good looking. It’s a given!

So why are you attracted to troublemakers? Let us know in the comments section below!