It’s safe to say that the famous Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdou is a total sweetheart, especially in the last couple of years, where her presence has become really heightened through the social media. If you ask people what they like about her the most, you will definitely receive the most diverse pattern of answers. Some would say they love her simplicity and her ability to enjoy life even at an old age; others would say she makes them laugh. There is really no definitive answer. All we know is that, at some point in our lives, many of us have checked her page or videos and laughed our hearts out. Here’s a list of things that made us fall in love with our beloved Foffa over the last couple of years:


She showed us how an Egyptian woman is capable of being strong and independent enough not to need a man by her side

Seriously though, we know the video is funny, but how many times have you seen a famous Egyptian woman who’s that self confident and does not need a man to validate her?




All her Snapchat sprees

Whether it’s her way of pronouncing it or her discovery of the snapchat filters, Fifi shamelessly struck us again. Exactly what we all did at some point when we discovered the Snapchat filters ourselves!

When she took the ALS ice bucket challenge

Really, if you didn’t find it impressive that she participated in such a beautiful cause, you’re not human. What’s better than supporting important causes while having a good laugh?






When she totally used the sugar crisis to make a joke!

The Egyptian economy has been making everyone go insane, but when it comes to Foffa, anger is not really a word in her dictionary 😉


When she stood by Angelina Jolie and blamed the entire male race

Admit it. We’ve all wanted to say it, but luckily Foffa spoke our hearts out once again.

Finally, there is just no way to put all the times Foffa made us laugh in one post, and while it’s true that she is not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard not to acknowledge her sense of humor.