There is a job description for being a best-friend; you don’t get to have this title without a bit of sweat. It must be earned. In order to be certified as a dutiful best friend, let’s see if you meet the qualifications.

A best friend must be: 

1. A Therapist 

A BF should listen, ask questions, analyze and provide life-romantic-career advice.

2. A Cheerleader 

A BF is required to cheer their friend on when they are down to let them know how amazing they are and to boost their mood.

3. A Wingman

A BF has to help when their friend has a crush on someone, or needs a little push to meet someone new.

4. An Ossama Mounir 

A BF should always listen to their friend’s endless love stories, and provide a shoulder to cry on when it’s a bad day.

5. A Slapper 

You will like this one. A BF has the right to throw some cold water in their friend’s face when they are wrong and need to hear it.

6. A Punchbag

You won’t like this one. A BF (occasionally) can be a punchbag, because who else will do that. P.S You will get a bonus payment when the storm passes.

7. A Humiliator 

Because who else will let the world hear about the time your BF peed in their pants while laughing in the movie-theater? The world needs to hear these stories. A BF is required to do so.

Thank you for applying for the position; we will give you a call and let you know if you got accepted for the job.