Oh, periods. They make us feel like very feminine, dying, blood-draining monsters. It’s an endless love-hate relationship with our periods. Thankfully, it’s only 4 days-ish a month. So, here are few things we’ve all been through whilst our uterus was crying out loud because we didn’t give it a baby:

1- Asked our girlfriends to check if there was anything showing on our pants 


We all do that. And it doesn’t happen once. It’s basically every time we get up after sitting for a while. We then proceed to discreetly whisper in our friend’s ear, asking if there’s any stain showing. We turn around to unravel the horrible suspense, and cheer for joy if it’s a ‘no’.

2- Went to the bathroom with our bag to get a pad, or hid it up our sleevesimg_8733

We’ve all had to change pads throughout the day. And it’s just really hard to do that without screaming to our co-workers that we’re on our period! I mean it’s no big deal obviously, but we like to be discreet so we end up hiding it up our sleeves.

3- Wore a jacket around our waist, knowing every girl realises it’s sign for period stain outfit2

And when we were cursed with a heavy flow and had gotten a period stain, all we could do was pretend we were cool and put a jacket around our waist. When we walked past other girls, we knew they knew it was only a mean to cover up our period stain.

4- Pooped a little too much in a day


Somehow period gets our digestion really going, and so sometimes the poop is uncontrollable! It can go up to 4/5 times a day.

5- Asked a co-worker or classmate for a pad, whilst trying to be very discreet about it girls-period-gif

The worst thing is when our period just shows up whilst we’re at work, without even a call or a sign. Why, period? You could’ve waited a couple more hours. We are obliged to ask one of our co-workers if they have a pad on them, and then try to take it from them sneakily without anyone else noticing.

6- Wore two panties! The usual one, and the ‘let’s secure this and protect ourselves from leakage’ one

Underwear pegged on washing line
Underwear pegged on washing line

I mean who doesn’t do that! I’m sure we’ve all done that at least once! It’s just a lot safer. And it’s always better safe than sorry. The second underwear helps keep everything in position.

7- Completely avoided whites, just in casecloud-blood

No one wears whites on their periods; it’s a rule. Unless you’re a mysterious person with a really light blood flow.

8- Wore two pads at night, cause we don’t want stains 


Sometimes, even the long night pad isn’t enough. We end up wearing two pads and letting them stretch all the way from the top to the bottom of our underwear! Again, better safe than sorry.

9- Woke up with the horrible fear of having a stain on our sheetsbl

That horrible, horrible fright we wake up with in the morning, fearing the potentiality of a blood stain on the sheets. Because then, we’ll need to deal with getting it removed or asking someone else to wash it. It’s just really embarrassing and not fun.

We’re still grateful for you, period.