Dating a momma’s boy is, in fact, one of the hardest choices to make. Because you are not just dating the son, but you are dating the mum too. It requires lots of hard work and emotional energy, but if you love the guy enough, then it is all going to be worth it. Let’s hope that he is good enough for you and may the odds ever be in your favor, my poor kid.

Here are 6 ways to survive such relationships. 

#1: Understand That His Mum Will Come First at Times

You have to make peace with such fact otherwise you’ll lose it after a couple of months of dating. So imagine you two are talking over the phone discussing your future together and his mum calls. Guess what is happening next? Yup, you guessed it right, he’ll hang up and talk to his mum instead. What should you do about it? Wait till he calls, act as cold as you can and send your regards to his mother.

#2: Be-friend His Mum

Even if she is your enemy at this point, just try to be her friend. She is going to be the typical crazy mother in law kind of person, but don’t worry, you’ve been trained well for this! Try to show her that you are not a threat to their relationship by maybe saying that you’ve heard lots of great things about her…

#3: Make Your Relationship With His Mum a Priority

Remember to send her flowers on Mother’s Day and to call her on her birthday. You know how women dig this kind of attention. How can she hate you when you’ve been this good to her?

#4: Accept the Fact That You Have 2 Partners and Not Just 1

A relationship with your cute boy involves a mother too. But you shouldn’t be surprised because you signed up for this. It can be a thing that dates involve her as well, maybe not physically but over the phone.

#5: Try to Talk to Him About it

If he is the understanding kind of person and mature enough, then you can talk to him about it in a nice prepared kind of way. Don’t go screaming in his face saying that you can’t tolerate his mum. Instead, try to make sense of him.

#6: Set Rules of What to Share and What Not to Share

Yup, you’ve read it right. Save yourself the embarrassment and set rules to this relationship. For starters, put a red line to what cannot be shared with mums (this rule applies to you too!)

#7: Break up With Him

This one is not for surviving this relationship, but it is for surviving life in general! What the hell are you doing with your life??!! Abort mission, my dear, because even if he is the sweetest boy in town, his mom is the devil.

May God have mercy on your soul!

  • Mohamed Ahmad

    number #7 OMG i didn’t see that coming 😀 😀