Parents come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes, you happen to land in strict parents’ hands at birth, and there’s no escaping from that. No matter what you’ve been through, however, you know you’ll always love them. But there are a few hardships you had to face because of your strict parents: 

1- Sleepovers were the epitome of life’s strugglesslep

I don’t know how some people have it easy when it comes to sleepovers. But if you grew up with strict parents, sleepovers were the epitome of life’s struggles. “No kid of mine sleeps outside of the house” was always their answer. Always. And in case you thought about travelling with your friends, well, all you could do about it is dream. Because, that was never going to happen on their watch.

2- Rigid Curfewhh

Curfews happened to bind you in every possible way. You had to be back by 10:00 pm or else you’d be grounded for the rest of the week. And you can’t start going out late. If it’s already 8:30 pm, then it’s over. It’s done; you’re staying home for the night. You had to make sure your friends understood that.

3- Your parents FBI-background-checked your new friends soc

They had to know everything about everyone you hung out with. They usually called your friend’s mom every now and then too, just for a check-up. And, if you started hanging out with a new friend, well, you better know both his/her parents’ first and last names. You also had to be prepared to give a small review of who the person is and how they’re like.

4- You had to tell them about your hangout plans, way before they were going to happenok

It took your parents about 3 to 4 working days to process whether or not they were okay with your plans. You had to make firm, set plans with your friends in advance, and you had to tell your parents about them way before going out.

5- You were mortified to tell your parents about your flaky friends’ changed plans n

God forbid, your friends were flaky and changed plans. You probably weren’t as anxious about exams than about having to face your parents with that information. Specifically, if your friends kept changing the plans more than once! At that point, you resorted to your bed and decided to remain within the confines of your room.

6- You sometimes made your friends talk to your parents because they were nicer to themyell

If you absolutely couldn’t convince your parents of something, and your friends were nagging you about it, you’d tell one of your friends to talk to them. I mean, you knew that they’d still, 90%, would say no, but that was your last attempt! And they were always nicer to your friends than to you, so why not?

7- You loved the days they were in a good mood, because you finally had the guts to ask for stuffm

On weekends, when and if they seemed happy and in a good mood, you’d exploit that and would ask them for the things you were too afraid to ask for otherwise. To be honest, you had to wait for their good mood moments most of the time.

8- Going out three times a week was impossible, once was already a tad too muchhelp

“No kid of mine goes out everyday”. You could go out on Thursdays, but if you were seriously thinking about going out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday then you really were silly. Once a week was enough. Twice, if it were too important.

9- You had to lie *often*k

To sustain a social life with your strict parents, you – unfortunately – had to lie *sigh*. It’s true though when they say that strict parents raise the best liars.

10- If you missed one call, all hell broke loose i

If you were out with your friends, you had to keep an eye on your phone in case your mom called. If you missed one or two calls, you knew hell was about to break loose. They’d call you another 10 times, then call you on your friends’ phones. That meant you had to give your parents all of your friends’ numbers.

The perk is: You were taught how to deal with rejection and are ready to face this world.