Many of us have a certain fear of something, which could eventually develop into a phobia. Living in Egypt, you’re surrounded by nothing but phobia from anything and everything. Here are a list of phobias you most have certainly developed already if you lived in Egypt long enough:

1- Sayophobia: Fear of the Sayes


This fear consists of two parts. Part one would be the fear of finding the Sayes in front of your car’s hood while you’re too focused on looking for a parking spot, while the second part would be neither finding a parking spot nor a Sayes.

2- 7ashrophobia: Fear of traffic


There no such thing as a rush hour in Egypt; every hour is a rush hour. This is the fear of being stuck in traffic, with a very poor estimation of the time you actually set for the taree2 and arriving late to your interview/meeting/appointment…etc.

3- Batteryphobia: Fear of the 10% battery with no charger


Your phone battery dies in a span of an hour or so. Being stuck in an awkward gathering makes your phone die even faster. So imagine being stuck in an unpleasant situation with a phone battery of 20% or less… It is going to be tough to make it through the day.

4- Mapsphobia: Fear of the GPS


“You have reached your destination”

Everywhere in the world, no one tries to learn routes by heart. If it’s a new route, the GPS will guide us there. In Egypt, if you rely on the GPS alone without previously studying which route you should be taking, you could probably end up in a dead end alley or simply in the middle of the Nile.

5- Resophobia: Fear of weekend reservations


You can’t be spontaneous here. You simply can’t decide Thursday morning to go to a place after work and actually go. Going out on the weekend is like you’re planning a wedding; you have to decide a week or two prior to the weekend you’re actually planning on going out on.

6- Taxophobia: Fear of nosy taxi drivers


A silent cab driver is a blessing. Whenever you would get into a taxi, the ride starts off with simple questions from the cab driver then matters escalate to him imposing his views upon you whilst cussing every single person driving around him. Taxophobia is the fear of being in bad luck of getting such a driver.

7- 3einophobia: Fear of 7asad


Knock on wood… People fear with all their heart that everyone wants to be them and wants everything they have, hence ‘byt7esdo 3ala kol haga 3andohom’. If anything abnormal happened to them, it’s definitely ‘3ein’.

8- Egyptophobia: Fear of being stuck in Egypt FOREVER


This is the worst of them all. It’s a combination of all the fears mentioned above and having to deal with them for the rest of your life.

We all have those fears; you are not alone!