You start dreading the day you were born when you’re on your way, and to your unpleasant surprise, bump into a lagna. Since we all have the luck of a booma, we will probably get stopped when we either have an expired license or just don’t have it altogether. 

1- Amnesia

“I was heading home with a friend when we found the typical zahmet lagna. We stopped and while we were waiting for our turn, my friend confessed has his car’s license expired a couple of months ago. So we applied the tactic of asking el zabet a question before he asks us for the licence. It was our turn and once he was in clear sight, my friend said, “Basha, howa l taree2 l share3 X fein?’ El Zabet gave us directions and forgot to ask for the licence.”

2- Tafa2alo Bel Kheir Tagedooh

“I got stopped with no identification whatsoever. Kont mashya b baraket do3a l waldein. The first thing el zabet said was ‘rokhas’. Me: ana motafa2la b hadretak. Him: esmik eih. Me: Noor. Him: zay esm benty. Me: shoft ba2a, yrdeek bentak to2af kedda. Him: 3adi 3adi, khalas. I did what any girl could do; I flirted my way out. A couple of nice compliments could do wonders when you’re stuck in a situation like that.”

3- Taxi

“Badal ma 7ot nafsy f mawkef bayekh. I stopped, parked my car, called a cab w bas kedda.”

4- Nail Polish

“I actually don’t know how he let it slide. I had just gotten my nails done and I wasn’t planning on getting them ruined. W2eft fel lagna and told el zabet about my ordeal. I think he thought I was some kind of dumb bimbo and let me pass.”

5- Omi Msafra

“I improvised an entire scenario on the spot. It went like this: My mother was traveling and took my wallet by mistake, so I have no money to even buy food. That’s why I’m on my way to el 3omora l akher l share3 dih 3ashan akol 3and gedety.”

6- Crying

“I was running late to visit my uncle in hospital and crying hysterically while driving. As cliche as it may sound, it was actually true. I didn’t have my license on me that day, but luckily it passed.”

Just try to make sure that you always have your valid license on you; you never know when a lagna might sneak up on you!