With April just around the corner, summer may be closer than you think. Looking forward to its heavenly weather and escaping to the beach, here are 12 ways Egyptians prepare for this exotic season:

1- Never Saving up

You save up to live like a king, but end living like a pawn and dread the fact that you didn’t save enough. You could end up spending a month’s salary in a span of a weekend.

2- Summer Body

As they say, ‘summer bodies are made in the winter’, but in our case they’re made in March. Girls and guys start hitting the gym by the beginning of March. It is the inescapable truth.

3- Clothes

You probably start shopping and ordering endless amounts of summer clothes online whenever you have the chance. Tip: Shop for summer clothes in winter and for winter clothes in the summer; they’re always on sale.

4- 3awamat

The 3awamat phenomenon never really faded away, especially last summer when the hunt for the huge swan or unicorn 3awama probably started. You’re never too old for the 3awama.

5- Calling up Your Exes

Who wants to be lonely during the summer?! Mending with the exes can be a good way to start preparing for the new season. We all do it; you can’t deny it.

6- Daydreaming About Traveling

You start planning for a backpacking in Europe or even visiting a friend abroad, but you get put off by all the visa application hassle. So you end up in Sahel pondering upon the days you could’ve gotten everything done, but were too lazy.

7- 6 Degrees wala Tabla

The one sure question posed right before the end of Ramadan ‘ha ba2a hanroo7 6 degrees wala Tabla’. The biggest dilemma of the summer.

8- 3am 3abdo’s Tanning Oils

You start buying a dozen tanning products to enhance your tan. When in fact, after a couple of weekends, you end up looking like 3am 3abdo with bright white teeth.

9- Endless Laser Appointments 

Appointments start December and run until April, because you know you can’t be exposed to light after that. The ultimate sacrifice of enduring the laser.

10- 2asab Excitement 

Sugar rush on the horizon. It isn’t proper practice for the summer without visions of sipping cold 2asab min 3and ay wa7ed bta3 3aseer.

11- Quote Searching

We see the typical social media posts with the ever so repetitive quotes of ‘salt hair don’t care’, ‘vitamin sea’…etc. Take this time upon yourself and start searching for some innovative quotes.

12- Icebox Dilemma 

The never-ending dilemma. It is probably still in the trunk of your car since last year or it simply vanished. The search begins to discover where your icebox is or simply start asking around for a new one.

Our favorite season of the year is approaching, so how do you prepare for it? Here is a song to give you all the summers feels.